Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you make your own mannequins?
A. No, I buy the mannequins, usually used and sometimes in need of repair, and customise those.

Q. How do you work out the prices for your mannequins?
A. The price I pay for the mannequin can vary considerably. On top of this is the cost of the materials (glass eyes, eyelashes, paint etc.), and the customisation process itself takes several days. The makeover fee reflects all this.

Q. Can you do a makeover as per my instructions?
A. Yes. As the commissioning customer, you get to specify the pose, colour of eyes, lips, makeup, even skin colour. The only restrictions are on the mannequins that are available at any given time.

Q. Can I send my mannequin(s) to you for a makeover?
A. Yes, but please send me photos first, as not all mannequins are suitable for customisation.

Q. I have a mannequin that needs repairing. Can you do this for me?
A.Yes, but only as part of the full customisation process. I do not offer a repair-only service.

Q. Can you customise a mannequin to look like a celebrity?
A. Only if the mannequin looks something like the celebrity before customisation. While I can make minor changes to nose shape, eye shape etc. I do not undertake major facial remodelling.

Q. How do I take care of my Mannequin Makeovers mannequin?
A. Obviously it's important that you handle her with care, just like any mannequin. Mannequins are made from fibreglass, which is strong but can crack under stress, and the paint, although hard-wearing, can chip or get scratched. If she gets dirty or dusty, she can be wiped with a damp cloth and dreid with an absorbent tissue or towel.

Q. What if my mannequin gets damaged?
A. This depends on the damage. I provide a small pot of touch-up paint in case the mannequin gets scuffed or scratched. Anything beyond this will require proper repair. I can carry this out, but there will be a charge appropriate to the damage.

Q. Do you customise male mannequins, or only female?
A. So far I have only customised female mannequins, as I prefer working on them and think they are better for customising, but if you want me to do a male mannequin, please feel free to ask.

Q. Why do you photograph your mannequins dressed and with wigs, but sell them naked without a wig?
A. I photograph my mannequins in clothes (as well as naked) and wigs to show how they will look when displayed. Buyers usually have wigs and something to dress them in, but if not, there is a huge choice both in shops and on the Internet.

Q. How much is the shipping?
A. This depends on where you are, and on the volumetric weight of the package. On average, a mannequin with stand in a heavy-duty carton weighs 17-18kg/40 lbs, and the dimensions are about 105cm x 45cm x 40cm (41" x 18" x 16"). Within the UK, the cost is about £25 fully insured. For the EU and USA, I use international couriers (e.g. DHL or UPS), which cost around £45 and £120 respectively. I am also happy for customers to arrange their own collection. My mannequins are packed as carefully as possible, with heavy-duty bubble-wrap for protection, and facial protection to protect the eyes and eyelashes. However, I always strongly recommend taking out shipping insurance, as damage can happen.