About Us

I have been customising mannequins since around 2005, and since then my mannequins have made their way all around the world, adorning clothing shops and boutiques, as well as other stores and private collections, in countries such as El Salvador, Qatar, Italy, United States, Germany, Spain, and of course the United Kingdom.

Prior to March 2005, I gained experience hand-painting collectable fashion dolls. Although much smaller than mannequins (about 16" / 40cm tall), and requiring very different techniques, these doll 'repaints' taught me valuable lessons in make-up styles and trends. During this time, my repainted dolls became highly sought after, earning me the enviable reputation as one of the top doll repaint artists in the world.

Ever since I was a small child, my realistic portraiture work has been highly acclaimed. Turning my hand to painting dolls, and subsequently mannequins, was a natural and easy step. It was a chance encounter with a badly damaged, but inherently well-sculpted and beautiful, mannequin that led me to try my hand at repair and restoration. However, not satisfied with simply returning it to its former glory, I went on to make the mannequin more realistic and more beautiful than ever before.

As you can see in the galleries, I've created a number of mannequin makeovers since March 2005, with each one being absolutely unique, even if the base model is sometimes the same. To get a real idea of how much work goes into each mannequin, and how different the makeovers look compared to the original mannequins, take a look at the Before and After page. The results, just like with all my mannequins, speak for themselves.