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One-of-a-kind customised mannequins - the most realistic, sexy and beautiful mannequins available anywhere! We take the best and make them better!

Manufacturers include: New John Nissen, Adel Rootstein, EuroDisplay, Hindsgaul, Universal, Greneker, Patina-V, Almax, Kyoya, Jung and many more.

Available Mannequins

Your chance to buy one of our unique, beautiful mannequin makeovers

Now with online payment!

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Jessica Hannah
Helena Carla

Mannequins Made Over

Most of our mannequins can be seen here in our galleries (and in shops and homes all around the World)...

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Ashleigh Sienna
Alana Honey

For Your Business

Whether you sell clothes, wigs or cars, or even produce music, our beautiful lifelike mannequins can add a little something extra

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Petra Annette
Kiara Beyonce

Before and After

Some of our mannequin makeovers require a little more making over than others...

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Irina before makeover Madeleine before makeover
Irina after makeover Madeleine after makeover